House rules

In the regulations below, you will find the most important house rules that apply in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin and its facilities. We ask you to respect and accept these rules.

  • The uniform conditions HORECA and instructions of our employees are leading in all cases;
  • The management is not responsible for stolen or damaged property;
  • Weak and strong alcoholic drinks are not served under the age of 18. In case of doubt, the heads of departments and employees can ask for an ID. If this is not demonstrated, the serving of alcohol may be refused;
  • There is no accounting for taste, so we would appreciate it if you would dress in an appropriate setting in our restaurants, bar and lounges. This means that a bare upper body or a bikini is not permitted on the terraces and in the restaurants. The management and heads of departments reserve the right to refuse guests who are not dressed appropriately in our opinion;
  • All rooms and public areas in the entire hotel are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed on the terraces and in areas specially designated for this purpose;
  • Lost & found objects must be brought to the reception desk.
  • Complaints can be submitted to the manager of the department concerned;
  • In the event of a false emergency alarm, caused by intention, any consequential damage will be recovered from the person concerned;
  • In the event of a crime and/or theft, the relevant goods will be confiscated, we will make a report or file a complaint and you will be immediately handed over to the police;
  • Damage to the hotel, employees and other guests will be charged to the person causing it.

It is not allowed:

  • to bring your own drinks and/or food into the restaurants, bar or terrace;
  • to enter our lobby, restaurants and terraces bare-chested or in swimwear;
  • to use glassware outside the hotel;
  • to disturb other guests;
  • to share images what damage the reputation of Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin and its facilities;
  • To take picture guests, staff, management and the property of the former, without written permission from our management;

It is forbidden:

  • to commit theft and/or destruction;
  • to possess, use or deal in drugs;
  • to use violence, to discriminate or to sexually harass;
  • to possess weapons or other objects that can be used as weapons.

Our heads of departments and management reserve the right to remove and deny guests from the hotel who behave in a disruptive manner and/or violate the above-mentioned house rules.